Art Nouveau temporary exhibit in St Petersburg


A temporary exhibition about Modern style (Art Nouveau in Russia) has just opened inside the Museum of the History of St Petersburg – a popular museum located in the Saints Peter and Paul fortress of Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow.

You can visit this exhibition in the Engineers’ House (Peter and Paul Fortress, 4 st. Gorkovskaya) until October 31st 2018. You still have plenty of time to visit it, but as it is often said, the sooner the better.

The exhibition is based on the original objects from the unique collection of the museum, which have never been displayed before at such scale.

You can enjoy as much as 6 rooms with different works of art of the Art Nouveau times in Russia. Amongst the many works of applied arts our favourites are the exquisite dresses displayed there, but you can also enjoy the sight of some furniture, ceramics, stained glasses, porcelain and chandeliers.

Enjoy some pictures taken in the exhibition by our specialised tour guide in “the Venice of the North”:

Some of the relics were discovered during archaeological excavations, maps and plans, paintings, graphics and works of applied art. The exhibition is based on the original objects from the unique collection of the museum, which have never been displayed before at such scale.

This Russian Art Nouveau exhibition examines the artistic movement and its impact on everyday life in the Russia at the turn of the 19th Century into the 20th.

The formation of Style Art Nouveau coincided with electrification of residential houses – electric lightings came into use. Light sources could be turned at different angles, which made it possible to create lightings of absolutely new original forms. Brass fittings of the ceiling lightings were often decorated with a fringe of fabric, beads or bugle beads.

This temporary exhibition is located in the Commandant’s House building, which houses a fascinating museum devoted to the history of the St Petersburg region from medieval times to 1918. What starts as a fairly standard-issue plod through the city’s history really comes alive once you’re upstairs, with modern, interactive exhibits, even though there’s still a lack of explanations in English.

It is a very interesting Museum for adults and children. At the beginning of the exposition presented the history of the origin and development of St. Petersburg. This is followed by a section dedicated to the life and welfare of the inhabitants of the city until 1918, in each Hall-a separate theme exhibitions (clothing, transportation, kitchen, sale, photography, furniture, etc.).

In the second floor there is a suite of rooms dedicated to St. Petersburg in the early twentieth century. These rooms host one of the world’s best collections of household items of that era. You can find almost anything in here – adding machines, bonnets and shoes, luggage and shop signs, a huge vault, numerous sets of dishes and sanitary porcelain. There is even a 1906 Benz automobile. Visitors are allowed to touch everything, and there are lots of audio and video materials explaining the various exhibits. Children will be particularly intrigued by the “tenement house in profile” which is a scale model of a residential building with miniature residents, furniture, cookware, clothes and so on.

Built in about 1840 by José de Marin, the Commandant’s House contained the apartments of the commandant, as well as the chancellery and the courthouse. It was in this house that the Decembrist leaders were sentenced to death. In October 1917 it was used as the headquarters for the city’s Revolutionary Committee.

St. Petersburg alone has several thousands surviving Art Nouveau buildings, in fact large urban districts were rebuilt entirely with Art Nouveau structures before 1914. What we will do is to show you the best ones.

The complete aesthetic innovation of subject and space media happened due to the search for the structural integrity of buildings, the organic intercommunication of functional, constructive, and compositional decisions.

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