“Polish Christmas in the Art Nouveau style” in Riga until 14/01/18


These days the interior of the Riga Art Nouveau Center is decorated according to the Christmas tradition in Poland. In the Art Nouveau interior of the museum a Christmas atmosphere has been created with the decorations characteristic to the early 20th century Poland.

The most significant element is a Christmas tree traditionally decorated with home-made trimmings of straw and paper, coloured walnuts, small apples, cookies, sweets in colourful wrappings. The Christmas tree decorations were inspired by traditional samples and you will learn about Polish traditions. Apples symbolize Paradise fruits. A Star of Bethlehem on its top symbolizes that travellers have successfully returned home. Another common type of decorations is the figures of angels. The expensive glass balls were often replaced by decorated eggshells.

The museum also introduces the visitors to early 20th century items related to the activities of the celebration season, such as cooking and laying the table, preparation for a ball along with luxurious lady accessories. The visitors will be able to enjoy the pre-Christmas mood and look for celebration symbols, such as the four-leaf clover for luck and pig for wealth etc.

You have an opportunity to go to the beautiful Riga Art Nouveau Museum, installed in a richly decorated Jugendstil home.

Riga exhibition

If you are interested in the half day tour about the figure of Konstantīns Pēkšēns CLICK HERE.


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