Aveiro will be the Portuguese Capital of Culture 2024


In the year 2024, Aveiro stands poised to assume the role of the Portuguese Capital of Culture, and the Aveiro 2024 program signifies a departure from mere seasonal themes. This comprehensive initiative encompasses an array of events across diverse artistic domains, strategically hosted in varied locales throughout the city.

The calendar of events for Aveiro, Portuguese Capital of Culture 2024, is not merely a reflection of the city’s annual highlights; rather, it constitutes an elevated manifestation of its cultural essence. Noteworthy occasions such as the Canals Festival, the March Fair, the Dunas São Jacinto Festival, and PRISMA/Art Light Tech have been seamlessly integrated into the program, symbolizing the synthesis of tradition and contemporary artistic expression.

Furthermore, the Portuguese Capital of Culture designation extends its reach to encompass the entirety of the Aveiro Region. Here, the program encompasses a series of presentations originating from the various municipalities within the Intermunicipal Community of the Aveiro Region. This deliberate expansion underscores a conscientious effort to engage the entire geographical expanse, demonstrating a commitment to widespread community involvement in this cultural endeavor.

In 2024, Aveiro emerges not merely as a city but as a nexus of cultural significance. The Portuguese Capital of Culture designation transforms it into a platform where tradition is meticulously interwoven with innovation, creating an environment where the community collectively acknowledges and celebrates its cultural heritage. Embark on this profound journey with us as we explore the depth and resonance of Aveiro, the Portuguese Capital of Culture 2024.

Seven areas as the backbone of Aveiro 2024

The themes of each quarter will be addressed from seven programming lines, each with content created tailored to Aveiro 2024. Performing Arts, Exhibitions, Cinema, Literature, Public Space, Gastronomy and Thought are the areas that form the backbone of the Aveiro 2024 programming, with a set of orders designed for each of the quarterly themes.

In Performing Arts, the theme of Culture and Identity will be addressed in the show “Pieris Napi”, by Papillons d’Éternité (Tânia Carvalho and Matthieu Ehrlacher), which involves the Folklore Group of Casa do Povo de Cacia. The theme of Culture and Democracy will be taken on by Marcos Barbosa, in a show entitled “Código Postal” with participants from various geographies. For Culture and Sustainability there will be a proposal bringing together Né Barrros, João Martinho Moura, Fahr 021.3 and Vivien Ingrams, entitled “Gravidade”. Finally, Culture and Technology will be addressed by Yola Pinto and Simão Costa in their new show “O Meu Corpo é Não Só Uma Instância”.

In the exhibition area, the year starts with “Sal de Aveiro, Sal do Mundo”, a proposal that addresses an icon of the region. For the second quarter, which marks the 50th anniversary of April 25th, it’s scheduled the exhibition “O Exercício da Liberdade – Obras da Coleção de Serralves”, curated by Joana Valsassina. In the Culture and Sustainability quarter, the exhibition “Imaginário Coletivo: Obras da Coleção de Arte Contemporânea do Estado” will take place, curated by Sandra Vieira Jürgens, and the Culture and Technology months will be filled with a multimedia installation commissioned by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us).

In the Cinema area, each quarter will feature a short film made for Aveiro 2024 and designed to respond to the quarterly themes. The sequence begins with “Noites de Cinema”, by Luís Diogo, followed by “Experimenta Música”, by António Costa Valente, “Por Detrás da Porta”, by Ana Carolina d’Antas, and “Aqui | Here in Aveiro”, by Joaquim Pavão. In each of these sessions, historical films related to the themes of each quarter will also be shown, in partnership with Cinemateca Portuguesa.

In Literature, the first action of the year takes place with “Jantares Queirosianos”, in partnership with the Eça de Queiroz Foundation and chef Rui Paula. The following quarters will feature the events “Laboratory: the alternative edition”, “Pela Estrada Fascinante: Ilustração” and, finally, “Biblioteca Digital”, with Gonçalo M. Tavares.

In the Public Space area, the shows “A Terceira Vida da Argila: Canções da Boca de Barro”, by Jorge Louraço Figueira, and “Mercado das Madrugadas”, by Patrícia Portela, will be presented in the first and second quarters respectively. “Derivas nos Canals”, by CiRcoLando – Central Elétrica will be presented in the third quarter and, at the end of the year, a show by the Theater Titanick company will be on the streets of Aveiro.

Gastronomy will be entirely covered by the Viveiro project, curated by Rafael Tonon, which will feature special guests every quarter and a set of actions in dialogue with the quarterly themes. The guest of the first quarter will be chef Ricardo Costa.

The Thought area will consist of four conferences, which will address quarterly themes from different perspectives. The first quarter conference, on Culture and Identity, will feature Armando Punzo (Golden Career Lion at the 2023 Venice Theater Biennale), filmmaker Marco Martins and director João Garcia Miguel, among other guests.

Aveiro will receives 2 million in financial support and will have a total investment of 8 million

Today the Town Hall hosted the Public Session to sign the Support and Financing Protocol for the Aveiro, Portuguese Capital of Culture 2024 program, which will count on the allocation of 2 million euros from the 2030 Center and the Ministries of Culture and Territorial Cohesion.

The session was attended by the President of the Aveiro City Council (CMA) José Ribau Esteves, the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Ana Abrunhosa and the President of the Braga City Council, Ricardo Rio.

Aveiro 2024 has a global investment of 8 million euros, of which 6 million comes from direct revenue from Aveiro City Council and 2 million euros comes from Centro 2030, (1 million euros), from the Ministry of Culture (500 thousand euros ) and the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion (500 thousand euros).

“Aveiro is the only Portuguese Municipality that has consolidated the Decentralization process in the area of Culture, which means that there is still a particularly relevant dose of centralism in this area. In Aveiro, we manage the Museum of Aveiro / Santa Joana with rigor and competence and make a very effective contribution to the good management of the country’s cultural and historical heritage”, recalled the Mayor of Aveiro.

It is in this context that the CMA takes on “the challenge of being Portuguese Capital of Culture in 2024”, knowing that decentralization, especially in Culture, “allows us to take better care of our identity values, our history and especially the future of our lands and our people”, thus making “a qualified contribution to the development and good management of our Portugal”, concluded Ribau Esteves.

This session also saw the signing of the Support and Financing Protocol with Braga City Council, relating to the Portuguese Capital of Culture 2025.

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