Alesund adds Christmas lightings this 2023


The municipality of Aveiro has embarked on an ambitious and multi-year project to transform the city into a dazzling Christmas spectacle, a festive endeavor set to continue until 2025. The winning proposal, crafted by Empresa Carvalho Iluminações from Viseu, encapsulates a concept deeply rooted in Aveiro’s rich cultural heritage, sustainability, innovation, and technology.

As night falls, the streets of Aveiro come alive with a mesmerizing display of Art Nouveau-inspired Christmas decorations. The intricately designed Moliceiros adorned with Art Nouveau motifs traverse the city, featuring elements from the Ria such as algae, fish, and crustaceans. These motifs are seamlessly blended with heartfelt wishes for Happy Holidays, paying homage to the Art Nouveau style found in the local museum.

Strolling along the Central Canal, one is captivated by Art Nouveau-inspired motifs, characterized by curvilinear movements, nods to nature, and the incorporation of fauna and flora elements, creating an ambiance of harmony and beauty.

A standout feature on Avenida Dr. Lourenço Peixinho is the remarkable 800-meter ceiling of lights, symbolizing the starry sky that blankets Aveiro. Meanwhile, in the Beira-Mar neighborhood, the decorations pay tribute to the city’s fishermen, with hues of blue representing the sea and the yellow mirroring the stars, beautifully evoking the fusion of sea and sky in the fishermen’s abode.

The adjacent streets to Avenida Dr. Lourenço Peixinho host an inverted evocation of moliceiros, marnotos, and the poles that guide them through the canals and Ria, creating a dynamic and enchanting scene.

Praça Marquês de Pombal features a frame inspired by a local ceramic piece from the São Roque factory, exhibited at the City Museum. Enlarged and adorned with Art Nouveau-inspired motifs, this installation pays homage to the city’s artistic legacy.

The inspiration for decorations on Rua Direita and Rua Belém do Pará was drawn from a sidewalk designed by Jorge Pinheiro. Animated by Christmas, circles projected onto the streets echo the captivating patterns of the original artwork.

At the Museum of Aveiro/Santa Joana and Praça da República, nativity scenes take center stage, emphasizing the motifs of an Art Nouveau Christmas, while the green area between the Cathedral and the Hospital Rotunda highlights the animals depicted in Aveiro’s Art Nouveau facades.

Adding an extra layer of festive charm, pedestrian bridges spanning the City Canals and the centers of each Parish and Union of Parishes within the Municipality of Aveiro have been adorned with Christmas trees. This communal effort embodies a sense of unity, symbolizing the collective spirit that breathes life into Aveiro during the holiday season.

“In this edition, the pedestrian bridges that cross the City Canals were also included, as well as all the centers of each of the Parishes and Unions of Parishes of the Municipality of Aveiro, which, with its Christmas tree, this inseparable symbol of the Christmas festivities, come together in a logic of communion of each of the parts that add up and give life to the whole that is Aveiro,” explains a note from the municipality.

In the following video you can see how the lighting looks like:

Embark on an Art Nouveau Journey through the Enchanting Cities of Aveiro and Porto.

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Aveiro boasts majestic Art Nouveau buildings, showcasing modernist gems that provide a fresh perspective on Northern Portugal. The Beira Mar district, the historic heart of the city, unveils the Rota da Arte Nova, a trail allowing visitors to marvel at structures and monuments reminiscent of the heyday of 20th-century art.

Founded in the 13th century, Aveiro’s growth was fueled by its robust fishing industry, salt flats, and significance as a commercial port. Roaming its streets, delving into the history of its parks, or indulging in its signature ovos moles are family-friendly pursuits, making it an ideal day trip for cultural and gastronomic exploration in our neighboring country.

Venetian Vibes: Bestowed with the moniker “the Portuguese Venice” for its canals and moliceiros, traditional boats reminiscent of Venetian gondolas, Aveiro offers a unique cityscape. Moliceiros, originally used for collecting and transporting moliço (seaweed), now navigate the central canals, narrating the city’s history and architecture from a distinctive vantage point.

Accompanying this unique architecture are classic Portuguese tile houses, a decorative motif also present in the Church of Mercy. The city’s gastronomic hub resides in the center, where fish from its own estuary takes center stage. Bacalhau, a Portuguese culinary staple, features prominently, complemented by delectable lamb stews for meat enthusiasts. Indulge your sweet tooth with Aveiro’s must-try treat – ovos moles, a confection made with eggs, sugar, and rice cakes.

Coastal Charms: Wrap up your ideal stroll in Aveiro by heading to the coastal haven of Costa Nova, home to the iconic, colorfully painted palheiros. Originally fisherman’s tool sheds, these structures have transformed into one of the most photographed spots in the city, surrounded by sandy beaches and crystalline waters—a tourist favorite. Nearby, explore the Farol da Barra, the city’s lighthouse, soaring to a height of 62 meters, making it the tallest in Portugal.

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2024 is a great year for Aveiro, as it ascends as the Inaugural Portuguese Capital of Culture

In a groundbreaking moment, Aveiro steps into the spotlight as the first-ever Portuguese Capital of Culture, promising an “infinite scenery” of cultural richness and artistic vibrancy.

As the inaugural festivities unfold, the Aveiro Portuguese Capital of Culture 2024 kicks off with a spectacular New Year’s Eve party. The celebration is set to showcase a premiere by composer Pedro Lima during the New Year’s Concert, orchestrated by the renowned Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras.

Under the overarching theme “The year as a stage. Infinite scenery,” Aveiro 2024 boasts an impressive lineup of nearly a hundred initiatives throughout the first quarter. The diverse program includes an array of events such as concerts, film premieres, theater and dance performances, exhibitions, author meet-ups, resident artist showcases, and specially curated programs for schools and families. The city will experience a decentralization of events, fostering collaboration among networks and engaging community participation processes, as revealed by José Pina, the coordinator of the Portuguese Capital of Culture for the upcoming year.

The cultural extravaganza will feature renowned musicians like Jorge Palma, Mary Ocher, Rodrigo Amado, and Ricard Toscano. Additionally, prominent choreographers such as Rui Horta, Monica Calle, Tânia Carvalho, and Marlene Monteiro Freitas are set to grace Aveiro’s stages throughout the year. Noteworthy performances from institutions like the Teatro Nacional São João in Porto, Nacional D. Maria II in Lisbon, and the Campanha Nacional Bailado, along with contributions from international groups, including the Guinean Circus Baobab, will mark Aveiro’s cultural landscape.

A pinnacle moment is anticipated on June 10, Portugal Day of Camões and Portuguese Communities, with the inauguration of a sculpture by Rui Chafes. This captivating artwork will find its permanent residence in the city center, adorning the Pontes roundabout, extending the legacy of Aveiro as the esteemed Capital of Culture.

Get ready to witness Aveiro’s cultural renaissance unfold throughout the year, as it takes center stage in the realm of Portuguese arts and creativity.