exhibition on early Art Nouveau posters in Richmond, Virginia, until Jan.21 2024


The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond will hold the exhibition The Art of Advertisement: Art Nouveau Posters of the Late 19th Century from July 22nd 2023 to January 21st 2024..

Explore a captivating selection from VMFA’s rich collection of Art Nouveau posters, unveiling the allure of the late 19th-century design movement. This era celebrated the intrinsic beauty found in natural forms and dynamic movements, expressing itself through gracefully flowing lines and intricate patterns. The exhibition showcases a diverse array of French, Belgian, Viennese, and American posters, featuring masterpieces crafted by luminaries such as Alphonse Mucha, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Henri de Toulouse-Latrec, Manual Orazi, Josef Maria Auchentaller, and others.

Art Nouveau posters transcended conventional notions of “fine art,” bridging the gap between academic and applied arts. Originating in Europe, the poster craze swept across the Atlantic to America, transforming the urban landscape with its vibrant expressions. These posters, utilized for advertising theatrical revues, products, newspapers, and literary journals, also served as catalysts for social change. They presented fresh images of women, portraying them as fashionable and independent individuals. Despite the diverse styles within Art Nouveau, the posters featured in this exhibition provide a fascinating glimpse into the societal interests of the late 1800s.

Beyond their artistic significance, posters played a pivotal role in democratizing art. Leveraging new industrial printing technology, artists could rapidly produce and distribute their commercial works to broad audiences, cultivating large followings that included avid art collectors. This widespread dissemination turned ordinary urban streets into colorful canvases, and the distinctive style associated with Art Nouveau posters laid a lasting foundation for the evolution of modern and contemporary graphic design. Immerse yourself in this exhibition to witness the convergence of artistic innovation, societal transformation, and the dynamic spirit of the late 19th century.

The event takes place in the following address: 200 North Boulevard Richmond, Virginia, US. CLICK HERE to read more information about the exhibition which has free entrance.

In 2016 we at artnouveau.club already published an article on an exhibition that took place at WMFA (see HERE). VMFA has many art nouveau pieces as reported HERE.