Milan. Complete and Exclusive Half Day tour (4h)

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During this Half Day private tour you will discover the most important Art Nouveau buildings in Milano, a city that can be proud of having dozens of them. This tour is unique because you will be allowed to visit the interior of several Liberty Style buildings and because it also includes a visit to the Monumental Cemetery.

You will be guided by a dedicated local expert with special interest and knowledge in Liberty Style. Amongst other views, on special days you will have the great opportunity to see the inside of Casa Guazzoni by the hand of someone who lives there and to see the interior of Palazzo Castiglioni as well.

Art Nouveau, or Liberty as it was known in Italy, answered the drive for modernity and internationalism while not excluding the knowledge based on local, and sometimes ancient, traditions of craftsmanship.

We have built an exclusive private tour that will help you enjoy the fantastic art nouveau heritage of Milan, one of the world cities with more art nouveau buildings. There are several hundreds of Art Nouveau buildings in Milano and during this tour you will discover the nicest ones, visiting the interior of several of them.

If you have a passion for Art Nouveau and you have the 4 hours to see all that Milan’s Stile Floreale has to offer, this tour is definitely for you.

Your personal guide deep understanding of architecture and history makes his tour guidance unique and priceless.

Duration: 4 hours.

Departure time: 9.00am or 10.00am. If you are interested in another starting time please Contact Us.


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We present a Complete and Exclusive 4-hour Art Nouveau Private Tour to discover the following three areas of the city:

1.- Porta Venezia

This district is famous for its many Stile Liberty buildings with exuberant decorations inspired by the forms of nature, such as plants, flowers, animals and human figures, and a variety of traditional and innovative materials: wrought iron, stone, brick, cement, wood and ceramic tile. On special days you will have the privilege of discovering the interior of two of the most stunning of these buildings: Palazzo Castiglioni and Casa Guazzoni.

Palazzo Castiglioni is a work of Giuseppe Sommaruga, the most popular Art Nouveau architect of Milano. From Monday to Saturday you will be able to admire the interior and have an in-depth visit to the palace. As the palace was built for a wealthy local businessman who wanted the building to reflect his status, its interiors are richly decorated in Liberty style.

On weekends you will see the inside of the wonderful Casa Guazzoni because the tour guide doing this tour on these days in an expert architectural historian who lives there and saw its restoration first hand. You will certainly admire the hall of the building and the exceptional staircase and paintings displayed there.

In the nearby via Malpighi you will see Casa Galimberti and Cinema Dumont, an impressive building that nowadays hosts a local library. In the enlarged District Porta Venezia our guide will show you more interesting spots related to Art Nouveau.

2.- Fiera and Magenta:

Your tour will continue in the quiet neighborhood of Fiera. An example of building that we will discover near Fiera is Villa Faccanoni Romeo (Casa di cura Columbus). You will most probably visit its garden and waiting room with its original decorations in what will be another experience of this exclusive private Liberty tour in Milano.

If we have time left, we will go to nearby Magenta area, which houses some of the most opulent bourgeois mansions built during the Belle Époque. One of the buildings that you will see there is Bar Magenta.

3.- Monumental Cemetery:

After we will go to the Cimitero Monumentale, a truly a must-see on any trip to Milan. The expression of the dynamic Milanese middle class brought about its construction of this open-air museum of modern art and a pantheon to the city’s glory.

The Monumental Cemetery is a stunning example of Liberty Style and Symbolism achieved from a perfect meld of sumptuous Byzantine, Gothic and Romanic traces. Each gravestone is incredibly unique and Art Nouveau is alive all over it.

As the Cimitero Monumentale is closed on Mondays, tours taking place this day of the week will spend more time in Porta Venezia and Magenta/Fiera area.

Duration: 4 hours. Possibility to extend it during the late afternoon and make it a 7 hours private tour.

Group size: Up to 12 people.

Means of transport

We offer you 3 different options for the 2 journeys within this tour around the city from District Venezia to District Magenta and from that area to the Monumental Cemetery.

  1. First option is public transport – bus/metro/tram – recommended.
  2. Second option is also public transport, but in this case taxis. After each taxi ride you will pay the taxi driver.
  3. For maximum comfort we can rent a private minivan with a chauffeur for you. Please if you are interested in this option inform us by choosing this extra in the selector below the calendar. If you fail to select this option we will consider that you will use a public transport.

Once the tour starts you can decide if you choose the option 1 or 2. We recommend option 2 (taxis) . If you want to use a private minivan you must say it when booking the tour, or at least a week before the private tour takes place.

All the group must use the same transport option.

Pick Up and Drop Off

If you choose public transport or taxis we will meet in Palazzo Castiglioni, in the area of Porta Venezia, and end the tour at the Cimitero Monumentale.

When using a private minivan, we will pick-up and drop off at your Hotel, the Train station (if you come from Torino or any other city) or any other pace within the city center.


There are several hundreds of Art Nouveau buildings in Milano and during this tour you will discover probably the nicest ones, visiting the interior of several of them. Some more interior of houses may be visited during the tour depending on the day.

As explained in the Itinerary section, all days except Sunday you will visit the inside of Palazzo Castiglioni. The days that a congress takes place in the building our visit will be shorter. During weekends you will go inside Casa Guazzoni, and maybe other days too. As the Cimitero Monumentale is closed on Mondays, tours taking place this day of the week will spend more time in Porta Venezia and Magenta/Fiera area.

We can suggest you some places to have lunch or dinner after the tour and leave you there.


Public Transport Fees:

  1. First option is public transport – bus/metro/tram. In this case you will purchase a full day ticket for 7,5€ each person.
  2. Second option is also public transport, but in this case taxis. After each taxi ride you will pay the taxi driver (calculate 20€ per taxi and ride). Every taxi has room for 4 people, including the tour guide. To make the most of your time we recommend you this option.

Car/minivan according to prices shown in the options available in the Extras section.

Food and drinks.

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About Liberty in Italy

At the turn of the Century, Art Nouveau, known as Liberty Stile or Floreale Stile in Italy, answered the drive for modernity and internationalism while not excluding the knowledge based on local, and sometimes ancient, traditions of craftsmanship.

Art Nouveau was very popular in cities like Milan, Turin, Palermo or Napoli, and also in the countryside. The affluent built exclusive art nouveau villas on the shores of lakes, chalets in the Alps and also funeral monuments. Our tours in Milan and Turin include a visit to the city cemetery.

In the years 1900, Milanese industry leaders had their weekend near lake Como or lake Maggiore which explains also the use of Art Nouveau in towns like Verbania, Stresa or Bellagio or the Campo dei Fiori near Varese. We can make tailored made tours to these areas. Contact us for more information.

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Our tours are not just about sightseeing, they are a unique experience of meeting, learning, discovering and understanding different cultures and returning back home richer than when the journey started. We will show you only Art Nouveau buildings unless you have other requests.

To see our exclusive private tours with licensed guides specialized in Art Nouveau in Italy Click HERE. Nowadays we offer experiences in Turin and Milan, the best places for Liberty Style, but in the future we may add more destinations.

Cemetery visit – to guarantee this visit book well in advance

In order to guarantee the exclusive visit to the interior the buildings and to the Monumental Cemetery, we ask you to book your excursion at least two weeks before it takes place.


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Fiera, the Cemetery and of course, Porta Venezia, superb! Our private local guide was an architect and historian with a perfect knowledge of the city – Good communication skills. Thanks

Steven, NYC

Milano as never seen before. worth every penny

Linda, London

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