The Sagrada Família postpones the end of the works to 2033


The Construction Board of the Sagrada Familia temple in Barcelona has recently announced a postponement in the completion date, now projected for the year 2033. This extended timeline anticipates the finalization of the Tower of Jesus Christ in 2026, marking a significant milestone on the centenary of architect Antoni Gaudí’s passing.

The ten-year extension aligns with estimates based on building permits, with the completion in 2033 marking 150 years since Gaudí assumed responsibility for the basilica project. This architectural complex stands as a testament to Gaudí’s enduring vision and the ongoing commitment to realizing his extraordinary masterpiece.

The works of the Sagrada Familia are paid for with donations to the church and entrance fees to the place, it is the church that has taken charge of this construction in which not only time, but also a lot of money has been invested.

Construction began in 1882 and 375 million euros of investment are still needed to complete the work. An amount of money that may surprise us, but it is many years with a construction that is a real gem. This will be the cost of a final stage that has already begun to see its fruits, giving rise to a very different exterior.

Gaudí was not the first choice of the promoters of the temple, but he ended up being the chosen one after the first architect resigned from the project. If we had not been present at the laying of the first stone or if one of our professional colleagues had not resigned, we would never have been able to see a temple of this type.

He started working on the project when he was only 31 years old, perhaps not knowing that he would not see his dream come true or that he would become a global reference. The different towers dedicated to the Evangelists have recently been inaugurated. The initial idea was to make the end of the work coincide with the year 2026, 100 years after the death of Antoni Gaudí, but it will not be until 2033, with 150 years added to the beginning of the construction of this temple.

The pandemic paralyzed the works as there were no donations or tourism that could maintain this infrastructure. If we do the numbers, almost 4 million visitors, that’s about 100 million at least a year, so that money has been used to build this temple with all the luxury of details and following Gaudí’s guidelines.

In 2026 the Tower of Jesus Christ will be completed, coinciding with the centenary of Gaudí’s death

The Construction Board of the Sagrada Familia temple has reported that the end of the works is postponed to 2033, after the health crisis caused by the coronavirus and inflation have altered the construction deadlines, which before 2020 were scheduled for 2026, sources from the basilica have explained to Europa Press. According to the delegate president of the Construction Board, Esteve Camps, in an interview with Catalunya Cristiana, they are working with the aim of finishing the Tower of Jesus Christ in 2026, which was the date on which the complex was expected to be completed before the stoppage in the works due to the pandemic, coinciding with the centenary of Gaudí’s death.

The Sagrada Família crowns the towers of the four evangelists

“Completing the tower in 2026 is a realistic goal, if there are no setbacks. Work is already underway on the prototype of the cross,” said the church’s sources, who added that the ten-year deadline for the completion of the architectural complex is an estimate based on the building permits.

This is a calculation that is limited to the architectural works of the façade of La Gloria, since later the sculptural part of it and the staircase of Mallorca street, which has no start date for the work, would remain. If completed in 2033, the Sagrada Familia would be completed 150 years after architect Antoni Gaudí took over the commission for the basilica project.