“Something Nouveau” multimedia exhibit in Bangkok, Thailand – from January 15th to April 16th


The new multimedia show featuring three of the main artists of the golden age of Art Nouveau (Klimt, Mucha and Beardsley) will open in Bankong the 15th of January 2020.

A new multimedia exhibition celebrating the golden age of art, design and architecture has already created a lot of expectation.

Over five hundred masterpieces from three artists are projected onto large screens in a 900 square meter multimedia room, providing visitors to the exhibition a unique opportunity to look closely at every tiny detail of the paintings.

called «SOMETHING NOUVEAU. KLIMT, MUCHA, BEARDSLEY» will be open during three months of 2020 at the new Museum of Digital Art (MODA) Bangkok, Thailand’s first Museum of Digital Art located at River City Bangkok.

Something Nouveau opens next month at the soon-to-launch Museum of Digital Art and will feature both masterpieces and lesser-knowns from three artists of the time: Austria’s Klimt, Czech painter Alphonse Mucha and British illustrator Aubrey Beardsley.

It will include interactive digital installations and a virtual reality show for which art enthusiasts will strap on headsets to experience the works in a 3D environment.

The exhibition, organized by European digital production house Vision Multimedia Projects, will run Jan. 15 through April 16.

Exhibition will take place at RCB Gallery.For more information CLICK HERE. Early bird tickets for this unique experience are already available on until 14 January: BUY THEM HERE.

Watch a video promoting the event below:

The multimedia exhibition «Something Nouveau. Klimt, Mucha, Beardsley» consists of 3 novels, devoted to the art of three reputable masters of the style. Over five hundred images of beautiful masterpieces are projected to large screens, placed at different angles in a huge multimedia room.

The visitor gets the unique opportunity to have a close look to every tiny detail, which is known to be very important and emotionally charged in Art Nouveau works. Moreover, there are some other special parts to discover.

A space for immersive experiences (including those with 3D effect) and interactive digital installations is offered for visitors not only immersing in digital art worlds but also interacting with them.

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