Turin half day walking tour on Liberty Style (4h)


During this private tour you will discover Art Nouveau gems in 4 neighborhoods of the capital city of Piedmont: Cit TurinSan Salvario, Borgo Po and Centro.

During all the tour you will be guided by a dedicated local expert with special interest and knowledge in Liberty Style.

This private tour will be done by public transport and requires some walking.

Turin, the first capital of Italy, was the the undisputed capital of Stile Liberty and this art style answered the drive for modernity and internationalism while not excluding the knowledge based on local, and sometimes ancient, traditions of craftsmanship.

Not only Barcelona, Paris or Vienna can pride themselves on gems of the Art Nouveau movement, but Turin has got also a number of unique monuments of the world importance.

If you and your group have a passion for Art Nouveau and you have four hours to see all that Turin’s art nouveau has to offer, this tour is definitely for you.

Duration: 4 hours.

Departure time: 9am, 10am, 2pm, 3pm.

Prices according to size of your private group (price per price person can be as low as 20€ depending on the size of your group):

1 – 7 PAX = 280€
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We present a complete 4 hours City tour to enjoy Turin’s main Liberty – Art Nouveau heritage.

You will start the private tour admiring some private residences in Cit Turin, a historical districts northwest of the historic centre. In this district you will discover some hidden gems and also the very popular Palazzina Raby and Casa Fenoglio. These two buildings, both located in Corso Francia, are the most popular buildings of Pietro Fenoglio, the Italian architect who best represents Turin Liberty.

After, we will take a public transport to go to the neighborhood of  San Salvario where you will discover what it is probably Turin’s most beautiful door. Also in the same area we will spend some time visiting Valentino Park, the area where in 1902 took place a major international exhibition of decorative arts, an event that popularised a taste for Art Nouveau style in the applied arts in the whole Italy.

The important Italian architect Raimondo D’Aronco won the project to build the exhibition pavilions but had to delegate the project to his disciple Annibale Rigotti and to go to live to Turkey when he became the chief palace architect to the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II in Instabul, a title that he had for 16 years.

The next place that you will admire is Villa Scott, a very special building located on the hill situated at the other side of river Po. We can use a public transport to reach that place or go on foot, it depends on your willingness to walk.

Finally we will go to the heart of the city centre of Turin where you will discover, in the same piazza, Torino’s two most elegant and historic Art Nouveau Cafes and certainly admire its beautiful Liberty decorations. If you feel like doing so, drink an expresso served by a waiter dressed in elegant way, with white shirt and black tie. This will be a perfect end for our half day walking private tour that will allow you to see most of all what Torino’s Liberty has to offer.

Many of the buildings built in Turin between 1890 and 1910 are eclectic, showing influences from Art Nouveau and also from other art styles. Examples of this Turin’s peculiarity are Villa Cairoli and Palazzo Bellia, considered by some as Art Nouveau buildings but that are rather of heterodox style. In other European cities like Alesund and Barcelona most of the buildings built at that time followed only Art Nouveau style, but not in Turin, where some art styles overlapped. Our tour focus in Liberty Style – Art Nouveau details, historical background and architecture. 

Pickup and Drop Off

In front of the Metro station “Principi d’Acaja” at Corso Francia.


Professional fully licensed local guide with special interest and knowledge in Liberty Style.


Food and drinks.

Public transport tickets (if required).

Liberty in Turin

Many of the buildings built in Torino       between 1890 and 1910 are ecclectic, showing influences from art nouveau and also from other art trends. Examples of this Turin’s peculiarity are Villa Cairoli and Palazzo Bellia, considered by some as art nouevau buildings but that are rather of heterodox styles. In other cities the buildings built at that time followed only art nouveau style. Our tours focus in pure Liberty Style – Art Nouveau buildings.

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About Liberty in Italy

At the turn of the Century, Art Nouveau, known as Liberty Stile or Floreale Stile in Italy, answered the drive for modernity and internationalism while not excluding the knowledge based on local, and sometimes ancient, traditions of craftsmanship.

Art Nouveau was very popular in cities like Milan, Turin, Palermo or Napoli, and also in the countryside. The affluent built exclusive art nouveau villas on the shores of lakes, chalets in the Alps and also funeral monuments. Our tours in Milan and Turin include a visit to the city cemetery.

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Our tours are not just about sightseeing, they are a unique experience of meeting, learning, discovering and understanding different cultures and returning back home richer than when the journey started. We will show you only art nouveau (sometimes called art noveau by mistake) buildings unless you have other requests.

To see our exclusive private tours with licensed guides specialized in Art Nouveau in Italy Click HERE. Nowadays we offer experiences in Turin and Milan, the best places for Liberty Style, but in the future we may add more destinations.

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