Say it with flowers – in Belvedere, Vienna, until the end of September

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If you are in Wien this September and you happen to be fond of flowers, we propose you a visit to the temporary exhibition “Say It with Flowers! Viennese Flower Painting from Waldmüller to Klimt“.

Throughout the ages, flower pictures and drawings have been infused with strong symbolic power. In nineteenth-century Vienna, flower painting attained an incomparable quality, variety, and significance. Flowers occupy an important place in the works of artists such as Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt. Outstanding Viennese artists tested their skills by painting opulent floral works and the results are amazing.

This temporary exhibition is located inside Lower Belvedere ends in September 30th and is the first extensive survey on Viennese flower painting in the nineteenth century and it tends to contribute to better understanding of the genre and the era as well.

Art Nouveau has its main source of inspiration in nature, whose elements are rendered as wavy lines. The colors are delicate, and pastel shades prevail, especially white, peacock blue, lilac, brown, mustard, olive and sage green. Flowers are wavy, too, with markedly curvy lines and stems turned into tendrils. Animals and insects are also very well represented in Art Nouveau works, but we think that is it a good idea to make flowers the central point of an exhibition.

Belvedere Museum is home to the largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s paintings and ranks among the world’s most striking museums. Its location is Rennweg 6, Vienna, 1030. Entry ticket is 13€ (free for people under 18 years old). CLICK HERE for more information.