Hotel Géllert Budapest will become a Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 2027


The Gellért Hotel, owned by BDPST Group, is set to undergo a comprehensive renovation in 2024, aligning with heritage preservation standards. Anticipated to reopen in 2027, it will emerge as Hungary’s inaugural Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The Gellért Hotel is poised to boast 143 guest rooms, including 38 suites, designed with timeless elegance by London’s Alexander Waterworth Interiors Ltd. Following wartime destruction and subsequent reconstruction, the developer aims to restore four iconic interiors—the Lobby, Danube Room, Music Room, and Tapestry Room—to their original splendor using surviving photographs and plans.

Beyond the building’s complete renovation, the investment aims to introduce new features that enhance service quality and broaden offerings. The goal is to revive the building’s “golden age” by blending 21st-century innovations with environmentally and energy-conscious elements.

István Tiborcz, owner of BDPST Group, expressed the responsibility tied to the iconic Gellért Hotel, a cherished symbol in Budapest. Entrusting its management to a group of companies was crucial for preserving its rich history.

Mandarin Oriental, a luxury brand with over 60 years of experience, integrates this heritage into the Gellért Hotel, emphasizing unique design and respecting Hungarian roots. The goal is to restore its former glory and pass it on to future generations, aligning with the group’s commitment to saving and creating value.

Laurent Kleitman, CEO of Mandarin Oriental Group, applies a meticulous approach to blend local cultural heritage with contemporary comfort and sustainability standards in the Gellért Hotel, similar to other historic properties worldwide.

Excited about their first hotel in Budapest, Kleitman envisions the Gellért Hotel as part of a trio with projects in Prague and Vienna, forming a distinctive presence in Central Europe.

The hotel, known for its Art Nouveau ambiance and spa, will continue its gastronomic emphasis, paying tribute to Károly Gundel’s legacy. Future additions include a unique attic indoor pool, a thermal pool, a cold plunge pool, and an outdoor lounge. The rooftop bar will offer panoramic views of the city and the Danube.

The renamed Mandarin Oriental Gellert, Budapest is anticipated to open in 2027 as a re-imagined Art Nouveau architectural gem with prime target on wellness. The landmark property first opened in 1918, which is retained by BDPST Group, as one of the capital’s most famous purpose-built grand hotels, situated on the Buda side of the city and just a small walk to the Liberty Bridge, linking Buda with Pest. The all-inclusive refurbishment of the Gellért Hotel is made upon Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s effective track record of revitalizing landmark properties with major significance like Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich, Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid, and Mandarin Oriental Palace, Lucerne.

The Chief Executive of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Laurent Kleitman, said that they will take the same careful tactic in Budapest as they have with their other significant properties, making sure that they respect local artisanal craftsmanship and the heritage of Hungarian culture while integrating the finest luxury, modern comfort and sustainability standards for which Mandarin Oriental is known for.