Victor Horta’s Imaginary Journey to Havana – Brussels until Sept. 16


The exhibition “Horta’s Imaginary Journey to Havana”, a mirror exhibition of the one presented in La Havana this spring, is presented at the Horta Museum in Brussels until September 16.

The Wallonia Region has organised this exhibition composed of drawings by teenagers from the workshop of Barcelona-La Havana Space that took place in Brussels in November 2016, who were inspired by details of the work of the Belgian architect Victor Horta.

The exhibition also presents some photographs by Belgian photographer Paul Louis on the house and studio of Victor Horta, one of the main figures of Art Nouveau.

You can also enjoy the traveling exhibition “A style which unites us”, in which two handmade expressions are related: the bobbin lace and the forge in the Catalan modernist style, as a variant of Art Nouveau. Both techniques produce lace-like designs in their compositions, which can be seen on balconies located mainly in La Havana. The work was done by weavers from the Bolillos lace workshop of the Barcelona – Havana space.

La Havana’s Old Town has a great architectural diversity, from Cuban baroque to Art Nouveau. Sometimes decaying and not always in the city center, La Havana’s Art Nouveau is a hidden gem that is awaiting you, Art Nouveau traveler-lover.

Although the Horta Museum in Brussels list of activities is not updated, here goes its LINK.

picture – Hôtel Tassel, Brussels, Belgium.