Discover art modern Mucha masterpieces at ‘eMotion in Seoul’

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A multimedia exhibition on the life and work of Czech painter, graphic artist and designer Alfons Mucha will be held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) gallery in Seoul from July 22nd to October 30th.

To Michal Dvorak, a 57-year-old Czech film composer, producer and musician, it is his mission to reinterpret “modernized” versions of Alphonse Mucha’s (1860-1939) works to the world, as the renowned painter is known best for representing the arts and beauty of the Czech Republic. For more than three years, Dvorak and his production team worked on the iMucha Project, which involved digitizing original paintings and illustrations of Mucha. Then, last year, an immersive exhibition of the final works premiered in their homeland of Prague.

Over 400 of Mucha’s works, all owned by the Richard Fuxa Foundation, were used in the “eMotion in Seoul” exhibition, and each was digitally recreated using 2-D and 3-D animated techniques. The iMucha Project also composed an original music score, recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

This unique exhibition recreates the work of Alfons Mucha in a modern digital format with original music. It is a completely unique exhibition, different from all similar exhibitions around the world. The best Czech animators, programmers and computer experts have worked for more than 4 years with the latest computer technology to bring to life the amazing work of the artist, designer, philosopher, photographer, sculptor and above all the founder of Art Nouveau, Alfons Mucha.

“eMotion” was created with the help of Mucha’s granddaughter, and displays Mucha’s works from the Art Nouveau period, which centered on the decorative arts from the late-19th to early-20th centuries in Europe. Motifs related to nature, especially flowers and plants, were prevalent in architecture, furniture, sculptures and jewelry during this era.

Watch a video (in Korean) on that exhibition in Seoul:

The exhibition’s enchantment unfolds within meticulously curated halls:

Hall 1, “Alphonse Mucha’s Life and the Elegance of Art Nouveau Works” Delve into Mucha’s journey, intricately intertwined with the resplendence of the Art Nouveau movement. The hall serves as a poignant chronicle, encapsulating Mucha’s life, interspersed with his seminal Art Nouveau creations.

Hall 2, “A Multimedia Symphony of Eras” Step into this multimedia arena where pivotal phases of Mucha’s life are divided into chapters. The grand screen comes to life with Mucha’s magnum opuses, harmonizing seamlessly with the original orchestral compositions.

Beyond these immersive experiences, the exhibition features additional spaces of artistic splendor:

“Digitalized Hall”, Hall 3: Immerse yourself in Mucha’s kaleidoscopic poster works, a testament to his mastery in the realm of outdoor advertising.

“The Slav Epic Hall”, Hall 4: Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through history as Mucha’s monumental Slavic Epic unfurls before your eyes. Characters and tales come alive on a colossal canvas, a testament to Mucha’s reverence for Slavic heritage.

“eMotion” continues until Oct. 30. The DDP is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets are 20,000 won ($15) for adults.

    Admission tickets
    Target group Price
    Adults (19-64 years old) KRW 20,000
    Teenagers (13-18 years old) KRW 15,000
    Children (7-12 years old) & discounts KRW 13,000
    Special tickets (onsite sales)
    ・ Preschool children (4-6 years old)
    ・ 65 years old or older
    ・ Disability class 4-6
    ・ Disability class 1-3 (including 1 accompanying person)
    ・ People of national merit
    KRW 11,000
    ・ Less than 48 months Free of charge