Art Nouveau, the triumph of beauty – in Torino until January 26


Art Nouveau is the protagonist of a major exhibition at the Venaria Reale in Turin until January 26th. “Art nouveau. The triumph of Beauty” is an ode to this artistic movement that with its stylized floral forms has overwhelmed and changed the taste of the late nineteenth century, from painting to music. It was 1902 when, just in Turin, the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art started the Liberty in Italy.

Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that, rejecting realism and scientific thought, pursued dreamlike and visionary worlds, relying on soft and sinuous line to accentuate elegant decorations.

On display 200 works including posters, paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics, coming from the Arwas Archives, from the Arte Nova Foundation, from the Rodolfo Caglia Collection and distributed in five sections: the radical vision of nature, the woman protagonist of advertising, art, the symbolist literature, the intense period of exploration of alternative religions, constitute some of the themes facing the path; Paul Berton, Alphonse Mucha, Eugene Grasset, Emile Gallè, Majorelle and William Nicholso, are just some of the artists whose productions are being tracked. The last section focuses on the difference between French Art Nouveau and Italian Liberty, a style that is transformed in particular into the urban architecture of Turin.

Through creating replicas of Parisian living spaces, the exhibition also narrates art and everyday life with an innovative display that recreates atmosphere and furnishings of the time. By showcasing posters and paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics, the exhibition displays the extraordinary artistic and artisanal blossoming that swept over and ultimately overhauled decorative taste at the beginning of the twentieth century.

An innovative set-up that reproduces the living spaces of the Paris of the early twentieth century illustrating their daily life helps to recreate the atmosphere and taste of the era.

Sponsored by the City of Turin, produced and organized by the Consortium of Royal Savoy Residences with Arthemisia, it is curated by Katy Spurrell with texts in the catalog of Victor Arwas (1937 – 2010), Katy Spurrell and Valerio Terraroli.

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