“Art Nouveau In The Netherlands” in The Hague until October 28th


You still have almost a couple of months to visit the interesting exhibition about Art Nouveau in The Netherlands.

At the turn from the 19th to the 20th Centuries many artists and designers were seeking new styles and forms of expression. After a century of styles that quoted the past, a new stylistic language was emerging, based on fluid lines and organic decorative motifs. In the Netherlands, Art Nouveau expressed a desire to innovate, a sense of idealism – and a quest for authenticity that set it apart from its French and Belgian equivalents. In this interdisciplinary exhibition, the Gemeentemuseum presents some 350 examples of decorative arts objects, including posters, ceramics and metalwork.

Holland had its Art Nouveau period but  the style was subdued. Moreover, not much remains and plenty architectural traces continue to be obliterated during ‘renovations’.

Searching for architectural traces in towns and looking at work displayed in this exhibition, one can not but conclude, the Dutch version is closer to German Jugendstil and Austrian Secession, than the exuberant versions of Belgium or France.

Find out more about the exhibition in our previous note published in January 2018, which already linked to the Den Haag museums website.