Alphonse Mucha exhibition – in Paris, until January 27, 2019


These days you can visit the first exhibition dedicated to Alphonse Mucha in Paris since his retrospective at the Grand Palais in 1980. Discover or re-discover this exceptional Czech artist in a show on display in the Musée Luxembourg of the French Capital until the 27th of January. A true icon of the Belle Epoque, Mucha represents the image of Paris from the 1900s.

The growing popularity of Art Nouveau in the world guarantees the success of this retrospective that features an all-inclusive overview of Mucha’s extensive work and shows his illustrations, paintings, photographs, jewelry and sculptures. The exhibit is chronologically constructed. It allows to understand the evolution of Mucha’s art while admiring the most known and most familiar works.

The ticket fee for adults is 13€ (14,50€ if you pre-book the ticket by internet). For more information visit the website of the Exhibition and watch these two inspiring short videos:

The connection between Alphonse Mucha and Sarah Bernhardt

Alphonse Mucha was a talented artist and graphic designer living in Prague but he moved to Paris in 1887 to advance in his art studies. There, he was chosen to design a theater poster for Sarah Bernhardt, the most popular stage actress in France. The poster not only brought him a six-year contract with Bernhardt, it propelled him to fame and fortune. His ornate style of illustrating portraits of women surrounded by flowers and wearing flowing gowns became an overnight sensation, and named the Art Nouveau style. After, he made other artworks.

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Last, not least, enjoy the vídeo (in French) that Franceinfo did publish about the exhibition. Also, see the full article by Franceinfo by Clicking HERE.

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