Complete Art Nouveau private tour in Szeged (4h)


Szeged is an Art Nouveau hidden gem not usually found in the traditional itineraries but key to understand the history of Art Nouveau and a pleasure to visit.

Szeged, located 174km away from Budapest and very near the Serbian border, suffered an Art Nouveau boom because of a natural disaster. They call it “The Big Water.” In spring 1879, a dike on the Tisza River burst, and the flood destroyed all but 300 houses in what was a prosperous town of 60,000 inhabitants. The city was almost entirely rebuilt over the next few years, resulting in a remarkably unified cityscape, a quilt of leafy squares and gracious ring boulevards that remains today.

Art Nouveau had became a fashion all over in Europe in the early 1900’s. Of course not everywhere was able to create the same amount of architecture beauties, like in Vienna, or in Barcelona, however, citizens enjoyed the new style as much as they could afford it for themselves. Farther from the main capital areas, smaller cities towns also had their chances to make their city centers more beautiful with the new artistic examples that came from the big cities.

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Our licensed private guide and probably the best expert about Art Nouveau in Szeged, will show you the city in a 4-hour walking private tour.

We will start the tour having a drink at the terrace of a café in the main square in Szeged. It has a nice terrace overlooking some of the Art Nouveau buildings. Like this, you will be able to have the first views of the Art Nouveau heritage of the city.

Szeged, the third largest city of Hungary and the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain, is a hidden Art Nouveau gem. Your walking tour there will take a walk and explore many Art Nouveau buildings. Some of the architecture beauties that our guide will show you are Deutsch palace, Gróf palace, Móricz House, Reök Palace, Ungar, Mayer Palace, Marer House and Beregi House.

You will have real experiences that you can’t miss:

  • Visit the impressive Synagogue of Szeged. The interior of the great dome (48,5 meters tall) is the work of the artist Miksa Róth,
  • Climb the stairs to the top of “The Old Lady”, a Water tower (54,9 meters tall) built in 1904 which still has the same use of providing water to the city,
  • Enter to a private lobby of a residential house with a private elevator from the year 1900 that you will be able to use, and

During the afternoon if you feel like a coffee we can stop in a nice café opposite of the Unger-Mayer palace.

As you will discover during our tour, the city center has beautiful buildings and wide avenues. This is mainly due to the great flood of 1879, which literally wiped away the whole town. Emperor Franz Joseph visited the town and promised that “Szeged will be more beautiful than it used to be”. During the next years a new, modern city emerged from the ruins, with palaces and wide streets.

In Hungary this art style became known as Szeszeció (Secession).

Pick Up and Drop Off

We will start and end the tour at your hotel/accommodation in Szeged, or in the main square or bus station if you are traveling from outside the city.


Professional fully licensed guiding service with a local guide, expert in Art Nouveau.

Since our tours are 100% Art Nouveau, we focus our tours only in Art Nouveau buildings and works of art. But because we care for your interests, your private guide will adapt the itinerary to your interests.


Entrance to the museums. Your interests will determine the museums included in the tour because our tour guide will adapt the itinerary to your interests. The entrance fee for the following buildings is:

  • Synagogue in Szeged (Price list HERE). It is open from Sunday to Friday, except on on Jewish festivals
  • Reök Palace in Szeged (Price list HERE). The main Art Nouveau attractions are the exterior and the main staircase in its interior
  • Water tower in Szeged (Price list HERE)

Lunch and, in general, all food and drinks.


Hungarian Florint is the currency in Hungary, but private tour price is in euros. Payment as follows:

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Additional Info

Your private tour will make all the best to adjust the itinerary so you can visit the inside of the three places taking into account the different opening hours of the places included in the visit. Be aware that the Water tower is closed on Sundays.

Tour takes place even when the weather is not good.

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Art Nouveau in Szeged

Szeged played an important role in the transportation and distribution of the salt mined in Transylvania in the 12th Century. A Great Flood of 12th March 1879 devastated the settlement by ruining most of its buildings. The post-flood reconstruction determined Szeged’s present-day urban character by creating a layout of boulevards and avenues and by building impressive palaces. Thanks to the large scale constructions in the prevailing Eclectic style, the city had been reborn by the late-19th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century the city center had almost been built over and only some vacant corners and a few other lots remained empty. The wealthy and highly educated upper class coupled with the bank capital hungry for investments welcomed Art Nouveau and filled these vacant sites with amazing Art Nouveau buildings, hidden gems of Art Nouveau. Three of the most interesting buildings you will visit during this Exclusive Private Tour are:

The New Synagogue has been recently open to the public after a long renovation process of years. It has a grandiose and beautiful cupola. According to experts, this is one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe. Whereas, the dome interior and stained glass windows represent the most delicate variant of the Art Nouveau decorative mentality. We ask our men visitors to be so kind and wear hat or cap in the synagogue.

Reök Palace facade represents a rare, organic version of the Art Nouveau. Despite his young age, the architect Ede Magyar created an amazing building for the hydraulics engineer Iván Reök, a wealthy and highly literatured patron. Ede Magyar died prematurely, shooting himself on 5 May, 1912. The Reök palace might remind you of Antoni Gaudí houses in Barcelona, buildings built around the same time in history.

In the luxurious Gróf Palace the architect Ferenc Raichl J. recreated the Art Nouveau spatial formation and ornamenting solutions which he had employed on his Subotica residence. We can appreciate motifs from Hungarian folk art and ceramic wall ornaments beside the blue, yellow and golden decoration on the facade evoking the atmosphere of the East.

During the tour your guide will help you discover all that Szeged has to offer. Almost 50 Art Nouveau buildings were built in a short decade in Szeged, most of them apartment buildings and residences with splendid façades and interiors. In just a decade various styles within Art Nouveau are represented in the city: Folk Arts, Vienna and Berlin Secession influence, to say some.


I work in a company that has a factory near Szeged, but after years of business travels, I didn’t know about the city’s history and architecture. Was very difficult to find a city tour about Art Nouveau in Szeged, but we did, and we loved it. Now I see the city with different eyes. Worth the 

Julia, Amsterdam

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