Nancy Art Nouveau Private Tour (5h) – ONE DAY from PARIS


During this 5 hour Art Nouveau private tour you will walk along the streets of Nancy and discover the works of the artists of the École de Nancy.

You will learn about Emile Gallé, Louis Majorelle, and the Daum brothers, all of these are names inscribed in the History of Nancy. Artists and business people, they transformed the streets of Nancy at the end of the 19th and the former 20th century and made Nancy a well known city at that time.

At the beginning of the 20th Century Nancy witnessed an exceptional and international  growth under the impulse of a group of artists stemming from a diverse range of artistic disciplines such as sculptors, glass-workers, engravers, cabinetmakers and architects. Since then, Nancy has been considered one of the best places of the world to be inspired by Art Nouveau.

If you like this art style, a visit to Nancy – the artistic and intellectual capital of Lorraine – will be a great day trip in your trip to France.

Duration: 5 hours.

Prices according to size of your private group starting at 370€.

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You will lunch on arrival inside the last Art Nouveau restaurant of the city. Build in 1910, the most important artists worked together to build this restaurant in the purest style of the École de Nancy. Your guide will met you directly to this restaurant at the end of your meal.

The guided tour will start by the discovery of the Business part of the city. Banks, department stores, pharmacies and consular chambers will offer you the beauty of sophisticated floral arrangements. After a quick view on the Stanislas square, remembering that Nancy was a capital of an independent country during the 18th century.

During the guided tour of the business part of the city, we will see the buildings from the outside. Your private guide will help you discover beautiful façades and entrance doors. In most of the cases Art Nouveau interior decorations were removed from the interior (sold or demolished) during the 70’s.

You will visit the interior of the bank Credit Lyonnais, with its spectacular stained-glass roof and you may visit the stained-glass windows of the Chamber of Commerce (this visit is not guaranteed as it depends on the activities that take place inside the building on the day you visit it).

It will be at that time that you will have a look at Stanislas square. Despite it is not an Art Nouveau highlight of the city, it is worth seeing it because its historical relevance.

Then, your private guide will guide you to the discovery of the Museum of the École de Nancy, a fantastic place to visit, with a garden which includes an Art Nouveau funerary monument, and with a main building. Inside the building, the furniture, the glasswork, and the ceramics attest the quality of the different artists’ expertise. Some furniture were made for universal exhibitions of Paris (1889 and 1900) and are unique items representing the exceptional nature of the association École de Nancy.

The founder of the School of Nancy was Emile Gallé, such a master of glassmaking innovation that his New York counterpart, Louis Comfort Tiffany, traveled to Nancy to visit his factory. The fascinating Musée de l’École de Nancy is dedicated to his work and that of his associates.

After visiting this museum you will have a walk back to the train station with your private guide.

Art enthusiasts looking for an exciting city break might want to book themselves onto this art and architecture tour. This is a unique chance to explore the chic French riverfront city of Nancy, which is known for its art nouveau landmarks. Led by experts, you will may visit the imposing art nouveau Villa Majorelle, where you can check out the original decoration and furnishings before moving onto the École de Nancy Museum. After admiring a unique collection of furniture, fabrics, jewellery and glassware, you will probably move onto The Musée des Beaux Arts. A walking tour of art nouveau houses is also on the agenda, and if possible a private visit to the grand Maison Bergeret.

Pickup & Drop Off

We start the tour around noon because we have designed this tour for groups visiting Nancy for a day from cities like Paris. If you come from Paris by TGV we recommend you to take the train arriving in Nancy at 11.45.

Once you book this private tour we will give you indications to meet your guide in a centric Art Nouveau restaurant. You can either meet the guide there for lunch (12.00) or when you are ending your lunch (13.15 to 13.30).

Tour will end around 18h at the train station. The TGV to Paris is at 18.11.

If you take another train or use another transport tell us so we can organise the private tour accordingly. If you are sleeping in the city on the previous night or you arrive earlier, we can start the private tour before lunch.


They are not included in the price of the private tour so they have to be paid when you are in Nancy:

  • Lunch – We will book a table for you for lunch at 12 in what is probably the most beautiful Art Nouveau restaurant in Europe. You and your group can have lunch with our without your guide. If you decide to go with our guide, he or she will join you at no extra cost, just the price of his or her meal
  • The entrance fee for the Museum of École de Nancy – 6€ for each person. If the group is of 10 people or more, the price is reduced to 4€ per person
  • Two bus tickets  – 1€ per person each way

Tour flexibility

As your guide will be flexible about the itinerary, the tour can vary according to your desires. If you are very interested in seeing Villa Majorelle, your tour will go there, spending less time in the Business part of the city and not including Stanislas square. Our guide will ask you about your interests at the beginning of the tour.

Please note that your tour will take place, rain or shine.

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Please note that your tour will take place, rain or shine.

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