Full Day Art & Culture City Private Tour

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Art in Europe | Customized City 8-hour Private Tours

Our Art & Culture private tours will expand your artistic, historical and cultural perspective

  • ALESUND by public transport: 765€*
  • BRUSSELS by public transport: 550€
  • BUDAPEST by private car: 420€
  • MILAN by public transport: 540€
  • PARIS by public transport: 680€
  • PORTO & AVEIRO by private car: 600€
  • PRAGUE half day by private car: 560€
  • TURIN by private car: 712€
  • VIENNA by private car: 912€

Learn to see art from a new perspective with our curated tours customised for you

Our qualified staff of licensed and professional tour guides are experienced, knowledgeable and smart. Expert of Art, History and Architecture we can bring history to life. An art history cultural tour will make your experience memorable and enjoyable.

*NKR currency fluctuates so price can change

Quick Booking in three steps for groups of up to 4 people:

1. SELECT YOUR CITY OF CHOICE. Each City Arts & Culture private tour has a different price, most ranging from 500€ to 700€, depending on the size of the group and mean of transport. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on pricing.

2. CHOOSE the NUMBER OF PEOPLE of your small group, and (from the calendar below) the DATE and desired STARTING TIME.  If you are up to 4 pepole in the group you can make the booking right now. If you are more, please CONTACT US saying which city are you interested about, the number of people and day of the private tour and we will send you a quotation.

3. PAY THE 200€ OF THE DEPOSIT TO BOOK THE ACTIVITY. If possible, Direct bank transfer, if not, PayPal/Credit card also available. Pay the rest in cash to our guide on the day of the private tour.



If you want to book two city private tours, book one after the other.

Main interests

Main interests – Other

Prefered mean of transport

Pay 200  now by Direct Transfer (pref.), Paypal or credit card to confirm booking.
Pay the rest to your guide the day of the tour.


Our 8 hour Art & Culture City Private Tour format is a response to clients demanding high quality full day private tours in European cities.

1. Local Guides knowledgeable of Arts & Culture

We will select the perfect licensed guide according to your interests. With the guarantee of quality of art nouveau private tours, a project that started in 2016.

Our City Art & Culture Tours include lots of references to history, architecture, decorative, cultural art, literature and music. These private tours are more than art nouveau. From the Nordic-inspired design of Alesund to the Art Deco and Surrealist influences in Brussels, the Gothic and Neo-Renaissance splendors of Budapest, the Renaissance masterpieces of Milan, the Impressionist treasures of Paris, the azulejos tile art in Porto, the Baroque and Art Nouveau fusion in Prague, the Italian Futurist movement in Turin, and the Viennese Secession style in Vienna, each city reveals a unique art style that adds to its captivating cultural landscape.

2. Smart itineraries, adjusted to your interests

We have designed smart itineraries that will give you transformational experiences as you explore. You will be impressed by how much you see and do! Always including some exclusive spots We avoid crowded areas and show you the main spots but also less frequented hidden gems from the cities. Pick up and Drop off depends on the wishes of your small group. When booking, you tell us which are your main interests, and we will customize the private tour experience for you.

3. Flexibility, a day at your rythm

We make sure you have the time to breathe, relax and do your own thing the day of the private tour. On the same day of the private tour, our guide will have the flexibility to adjust to make your day perfect. On that day, whether your partner decides to add a specific stop to the day tour (a shopr or a stadium), or you decide to change the itinerary proposed by our guide, we can do it. If you fall in love with a spot you visit, you can spend more time there. We build in the time for you to absorb and reflect.

This Art & Culture Day private tour can become a Shopping & Museums or Sports & History private tour, it is up to you. Our local experienced private guides will adjust the day activity to your tastes.

If during the tour you change your mind and find interesting to go to a different place than the one that was planned at the beginning of the tour, our guide will welcome your new ideas and adjust always that the change is possible. We want you to feel accompanied all day long.

Inclusions and exclusions

Included, a Professional fully licensed private guide, with car provided when stated. Exclusions, anything else. If it is done using public transport, price is not included but your guide will help you get your tickets. Private tours can take place every day of the week but please note that the opening hours of some buildings will influence the daily the order and content of the tour.

Some private tours are done walking, other combine walking and some public transport tour, and others are with a car and driver.

If you like this tour philosophy and you can spend a whole day visiting with us, this is the perfect private tour for you. If you want a shorter private tour, we have them starting from 2 hour private tours.

Book in advance

Our top guides are busy this season, after three years than lower activity than usual, so we suggest to book in advance.

Our tours are experiential travel that is focused on connecting you with the masters of art in Europe. Face to face, while taking the time to wander, ponder and grow. Our tours will immerse into the culture of the place, broadening your perspective as we explore. We take the time to see, taste and enjoy the best that Europe has to offer.



Immerse yourself in the artistic charm of Alesund, where the vibrant Jugendstil architecture and the picturesque Art Nouveau Centre invite you to explore the cultural heritage of this coastal gem. Don’t miss the stunning Alesund Aquarium and the captivating Alesund Museum for an enriching artistic experience.


Embark on a cultural odyssey in Brussels, where the magnificent Grand Place and the world-renowned Royal Museums of Fine Arts will transport you into a world of artistic brilliance. Uncover the hidden artistic gems at the Magritte Museum and explore the contemporary art scene at the iconic Atomium for an unforgettable artistic adventure.


Experience the artistic allure of Budapest as you wander through the historic Buda Castle District and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Hungarian State Opera House. Don’t miss the stunning Chain Bridge and explore the artistic treasures at the Hungarian National Gallery for a truly immersive cultural journey.


Indulge in Milan’s vibrant art and culture scene, where the iconic Duomo di Milano and the breathtaking masterpieces at the Brera Art Gallery will leave you awe-inspired. Discover the grandeur of La Scala, one of the world’s most famous opera houses, and explore the modern artistic expressions at the futuristic Fondazione Prada for an unforgettable cultural experience.


Surrender to the artistic allure of Paris, the City of Light, where the iconic Louvre Museum and the enchanting Montmartre district beckon art enthusiasts from around the world. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Latin Quarter and indulge in the bohemian charm of the Centre Pompidou for an unforgettable artistic journey.

Porto and Aveiro

Experience the cultural richness of Porto and Aveiro, where the historic Ribeira District and the mesmerizing Livraria Lello invite you to explore the artistic heritage of these Portuguese gems. Discover the breathtaking São Bento Railway Station and immerse yourself in the colorful art of the Aveiro canals for an unforgettable cultural experience. Step into the magical world of Prague, where the majestic Prague Castle and the historic Charles Bridge will transport you back in time.


Explore the intricate beauty of the Prague Astronomical Clock and wander through the captivating exhibits at the National Gallery for an immersive journey into Czech art and culture. Uncover the artistic wonders of Turin, where the magnificent Mole Antonelliana and the renowned Egyptian Museum showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage.

* Mucha Museum, Villa Bílek, Municipal House, Church of St. Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad


Immerse yourself in the vibrant street art scene of the Quadrilatero Romano and explore the masterpieces at the National Cinema Museum for a captivating cultural adventure. Immerse yourself in Vienna’s artistic legacy, where the opulent Belvedere Palace and the iconic State Opera House embody the city’s rich cultural heritage.


Discover the architectural marvels of the Hundertwasserhaus and indulge in the artistic treasures at the Albertina Museum for an enchanting journey into Viennese art and culture.

Other city private tours

Other places where we have a selected guide, with a special sensibility for art nouveau and with our high standards: Antwerp (Belgium), Riga (Latvia), Alesund (Norway), Lisbon (Portugal), Nancy (France) and Barcelona (Spain). Please Contact us for more information.


We did Vienna and Budapest in less than a week. Two great days guaranteed. At our own pace with a local guide.

Paul, Toronto, Canada

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