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During this full day private tour you will discover all the Jugendstil places of Ålesund as they have never been shown before. We have created the first full day 100% Art Nouveau private tour in Ålesund.

Our guides are experienced and have a special interest in Art Nouveau, a subject that is both their speciality and their hobby. Because of their in-depth knowledge in the topic they will help you discover interesting stories about every corner of the town. That’s why you could not be in better hands, if you like Art Nouveau we are the best choice.

The town center of Ålesund was destroyed by fire in 1904, but rebuilt shortly after in Art Nouveau style, the characteristic architecture of the period, and could be taken right out of a fairy tale.

Be ready to spend a full day in the enchanting town of Ålesund enjoying Art Nouveau visiting places that are not included in other tours, like special cafés, restaurants, private buildings, a great history museum and last but not least, one of the best Jugendstil churches in Europe.

If you love Art Nouveau and travel to Ålesund or the Fjords area, you won’t find a better tour to discover all that Jugendstil has to offer than with our tours.

Customized private tour: We organise tailor-made experiences for you and your group and are very interested to know about your trip. Please Contact Us and tell us your own ideas about your visit to Ålesund – from where you wish to go, to what you wish to see, eat and do. With that in mind, we will create a completely a customized, private experiences that match your interests and preferences.

You will be surprised of all what you can discover in a full day in this beautiful area of Norway.

Don’t hesitate to Ask for a quotation by email or WhatsApp/Call to us +34 667 823 001. Reserve early to guarantee availability.



This private tour is the most comprehensive Art Nouveau private tour available in Ålesund, a town that was entirely rebuilt in Art Nouveau style more than a Century ago.

There are 11 protected Art Nouveau buildings in the town. The difference between just looking at the façades and learning about its meaning and history is storytelling and learning. Your personal guide will give you a detailed explanation of all of these Jugendstil façades, and even of more buildings. The main inspirations for the façade decorations were pre-historic or medieval animals, plant ornamentations and also on other features of symbolism.

Our comprehensive tour is unique because, in addition to a detailed discovery of the town buildings, it includes an in-depth visit inside these three attractions accompanied by your private guide:

  • Ålesund church. We could go inside this 1909 religious building and appreciate many aspects of its interior, one of the most significative the stained glass windows.The stained- glass window behind the organ were a gift from emperor Wihelm II in 1905. We will focus more in its structure (both from outside and from inside) because the decorative and functional elements found in the interior are not Art Nouveau style
  • Art Nouveau Centre. Your private guide will get a summary of the Norwegian Jugendstil. The Centre is inside an old pharmacy building and offers a fascinating insight into the Norwegian art nouveau interiors and objects
  • Culturehouse, the Workers association Art Nouveau building, also called “Arbeiderforeningen“. You will appreciate, amongst other views, the staircase and a very nice theatre room. This is without any doubt the best way to imagine the places people went during the first years of an independent Norway
  • You will discover The only Art Nouveau Hotel in town and learn about how life was by then

This itinerary will allow you to fully enjoy this great town surrounded by fjords that looks like a fairy tale.

This is probably the most in-depth private tour about Art Nouveau available in Norway.

Lunch with Local food

Our guides are Art Nouveau lovers and also Food lovers, so they can help you discover the local food. As this is a complete full day tour you the opportunity to taste the delicacies of the local cuisine:

  • For Lunch you can try Ålesund’s most popular food bacalao (cod) and learn why this industry influenced the town’s economy
  • Alternatively you can taste other local food in our suggested restaurants, or even have lunch cooked by one of our local guides
  • Before or after our visit to the Art Nouveau Centre we can have a coffee and cake in a relaxed way in its coffee house. During that relaxing moment your guide, probably the person with the most knowledge of the Art Nouveau in all the town, will continue informing you about the context in which Art Nouveau landed in Ålesund


Our specialised art nouveau guide can guide you in English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese or Spanish. Please select the language of your choice in the list below the calendar.

Why “Ask for quotation in pricing”?

The city of Alesund is small, but there is plenty of places to go for some hours in the outskirts of the city. A full day gives you plenty of time to discover places in a private tour in Alesund, Norway because the city is small and can easily be explored in less than a single day. Alesund is a beautiful waterfront city with numerous attractions, including the Art Nouveau Museum, the Alesund Aquarium, and the Atlanterhavsparken, a large sculpture park. Additionally, the city is surrounded by stunning fjords and islands, which can be explored in a day with a private tour. From the city center, you can also easily access the famous Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can take a boat tour or hike.

Personalisation of private tours is becoming increasingly popular in the tourism industry, as it allows travelers to create a unique experience tailored to their interests and needs. Private tours allow travelers to explore a destination with the help of a knowledgeable guide who can provide insightful information and answer questions.

This non-fix pricing further enhances the experience, as travelers can customize the tour to their preferences and ensure that they are getting the most out of their trip. Personalised private tours can be tailored to suit the interests of the travelers, enabling them to explore the destination in a more meaningful way. In addition, private tours are often more intimate, allowing travelers to connect with their guide and the destination on a deeper level.

Pickup & Drop Off

Wherever you want.


For this tour we have a selection of four fully licensed local guides of the Association of Guides, all of them great experts in the Jugendstil style and with a lot of experience in guiding private tours. This is an additional guarantee of the quality of the tour. A dedicated private tour will give your visit more enjoyment, information and structure. Enjoy it.


Entrance fees.

Food or drinks during the tour.

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Additional Info

This tour will operate in all weather conditions so participants should take appropriate weather gear with them. We recommend you to wear walking or comfortable shoes because this tour involves some hours of walking and standing over paved and cobblestone surfaces with some inclines.

We have negotiated special rates in the Hotel Scandic Scandinavie, the only Art Nouveau hotel in the town. To get our special room rate (10% discount) please say you booked a tour with us when making a direct reservation to them ingrid@scandinavie.no.

Cancellation Policy – The booking can be canceled up to 2 weeks prior to the tour date. In this case you will receive a refund of the booking minus the financial fees. Further cancellations and no shows are non refundable. In this undesirable situation all amounts pending will be claimed.

Booking issues – email or call Us

To book this private tour please select your desired date on the calendar As we ask you to book the tour ahead of time, our system may not allow you to book a tour for the next few days. If you want to book this tour for a date that is not active on the website calendar, please, contact us by email at contact@artnouveau.club or by phone at Call (34) 667 823 001 and we will make our best to organise the tour in such a short notice. So far, we have always found a solution, so we encourage you to contact.

about Ålesund

The town of Ålesund is a sea port that fascinates with Art Nouveau architecture, a town that could be taken right out of a fairy tale. Amongst the main features of the Art Nouveau buildings in Ålesund stands out the decorative ornamentation of the façades based on pre-historic or Medieval animal, plant-ornamentation and also other features of symbolism in the decoration.

How it all started – During the early hours of 23rd January 1904 a terrible fire raged through Ålesund. In the space of 16 hours, 850 houses burned to the ground, and ten thousand people were left homeless. Three years later most of the town had been reconstructed and young norwegian architects inspired both by German Art Nouveau and National Romanticism rebuilt buildings in a beautiful style.

The capital of the Fjords – The town and the surrounding areas are among the most visited sites for tourists in Norway. Many use The Art Nouveau town as a starting point to explore the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Geirangerfjord, the bird sanctuary island of Runde, or the spectacular snow-capped summits of the Hjørundfjord and the Sunnmørsalpene.

Ålesund is the largest town on the northwest coast of Norway and has a spectacular setting with a fascinating Art Nouveau architecture, consisting of eleven islands close to the ocean with a backdrop of impressive mountain-peaks. The union of Norway with Sweden was dissolved in 1905, in the Art Nouveau times.

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