The Lordְ’s Prayer, exceptional exhibit by Bílek & Mucha – Prague


The Lordְ’s Prayer is the title of this small-scale exhibition of drawings and prints presents two different approaches to the seminal Christian prayer by two exceptional artists, each of whom left an inimitable individual imprint in Czech art.

The artists are the sculptor, František Bílek (1872-1941), the foremost Czech exponent of the Art Nouveau symbolist style, and the painter, Alfons Mucha (1860-1939), one of the main masters of Art Nouveau. Both artists wrote books called The Lord’s Prayer and now are united in this exhibit.

While most of the people go to the Old Town, Charles Bridge, Mucha Museum or St. Vitus Cathedral, we recommend you to visit this amazing exhibition that will let you enjoy a nice environment and discover some unique works of art.

On the one hand, František Bílek set out to work on his first artist book, The Lord’s Prayer, as early as 1900. It was published in the following year, with an introduction by Otokar Březina, by Nový život in Nový Jičín.

On the other hand, Alfons Mucha’s The Lord’s Prayer was published in book form in Paris, in 1899, and a limited edition was issued at the same time by Prague publisher Bedřich Kočí.

The parts of both collections on display here attest to the two artists’ wealth of individual invention which enabled them to create suggestive mystic allegories pointing towards the moral reawakening of humankind.

Villa Bílek door Villa Bílek columns Prague City Gallery

About Villa Bílek

It is a house designed by the Czech sculptor and architect František Bílek in 1911. The villa is located in Hradčany neighbourhood of Prague, Czech Republic, several minutes walk from Hradčanská metro station or Prague Castle. It was designed originally for Bílek himself as his residence and studio. An amazing place to discover, a hidden gem of architecture and Art Nouveau.

Located on site of former city walls the villa has an unusual shape resembling trace of a scythe in a field. The brickwork masonry is articulated by pillars in form of corn sheaves which evoke Egyptian architecture. Through this building Bílek, who was a deeply religious artist, tried to express his view on substance of life.

Villa Bílek has been maintained by Gallery of the Capital City of Prague since 1963. It houses a public exposition that introduces many works by Bílek, as well as original interior fittings and furniture collection which was made according to his design.

We recommend you a visit to this museum and building. For more information about Villa Bílek and the Exhibit CLICK HERE.

Villa Bílek columns Villa Bílek columns


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