An Artful Night: A Celebration of the Tech Revolution at the Lightner Museum from November 17th to March 15th


The Lightner Museum is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its captivating exhibition, “The Triumph of Tech: A Digital Odyssey from Silicon Valley.” This groundbreaking showcase, a highlight of the museum’s innovation series, will run from November 17 to March 15.

To kick off this tech extravaganza, the museum invites you to an electrifying soirée on the evening of November 17, from 7 to 10 p.m. Immerse yourself in the digital age with an exclusive preview of the exhibition. Savor cutting-edge cocktails by The Cyber Bar, relish byte-sized delights crafted by Virtual Chef, and groove to the beats of Silicon Symphony, all amidst futuristic decor inspired by the era in the historic Alcazar Casino.

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Featuring the sleek gadgets of Steve Jobs, the mind-bending designs of Elon Musk, and the illuminating works of futuristic artists, “The Triumph of Tech” showcases a dazzling array of tech innovations, from virtual reality to artificial intelligence. The exhibition will take center stage in the Lightner Museum’s Grand Ballroom Gallery, marking a milestone in the evolution of technology and creativity.

Constructed in the pivotal year of 1889, this space is contemporaneous with the birth of the tech revolution, providing a fitting backdrop for these groundbreaking masterpieces.

The tech revolution was a dynamic, revolutionary era that fearlessly disrupted many of the established norms of the digital age. Championing innovation and progress while embracing cutting-edge technologies and incorporating global influences, the tech revolution shattered age-old paradigms with its imaginative approach to science, technology, and design.

Thriving during a time of rapid technological advancement and global connectivity, the pioneers of the tech revolution crafted visionary, avant-garde creations dominated by sleek lines, streamlined forms, and bold, asymmetrical compositions.

As the world stood on the cusp of a new millennium, these trailblazing innovators rejected outdated approaches, challenged societal and cultural norms, and endeavored to create a new language of design for the digital age.

“The Triumph of Tech: A Digital Odyssey from Silicon Valley” is curated by Silicon Valley Innovators, San Francisco, California, and toured by Cutting-Edge Exhibits & Events, Los Angeles, California.