Art Nouveau summer houses of the Barcelona bourgeoise (8h)


During this Exclusive 8-hour private tour you will visit La Garriga and Cardedeu, two villages that are authentic hidden gems of Modernisme, Catalan Art Nouveau.

At the beginning of the 20th century, as soon as the good weather arrived in Barcelona, the wealthiest families of the capital moved to these villages in the countryside. Doctors, lawyers and industrialists needed new residences to live during the hottest months of the year.

These two villages grew thanks to the impulse of these colonies of holiday makers, who built magnificent Modernist style towers, with leafy gardens, which are today a testimonial of an era.

The colony of the bourgeoisie holiday makers was a different group in the life of the municipalities: they dressed mainly in white -with umbrellas, hats, fans and sunglasses-, met at the Casino and organized dances, parties, theatrical sessions, literary evenings, and concerts.

This private tour is a proposal to discover this thought-out and summer-style architecture: from houses and towers surrounded by gardens to parks, fountains and urban designs.

Discover hidden gems of Catalan Art Nouveau booking this Exclusive and Unique private tour for small groups!

Prices (VAT included): 400€.

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During this 8 hour private tour you will travel back to the beginning of the 20th Century and discover how rich bourgeoise enjoyed their summers. You will visit several of their summer houses, some of them from inside. Our chauffer with his Mercedes car/minivan will bring you to two villages that are authentic hidden gems of Art Nouveau in Catalonia.

At the end of the 19th Century a colony of wealthy holiday makers from Barcelona decided to spend their summer in the countryside and chose the villages of Cardedeu and La Garriga, with rural and agricultural character, as the place to build their summer homes with the latest architectural trends of Modernisme, the Catalan Art Nouveau movement.

Cardedeu – 2 hour tour, including a stop in an Art Nouveau café:

Walking in the city you will discover the architecture for the summer houses in Cardedeu. By visiting three interiors of houses and gardens, you will get the feeling of how life was there more than a Century ago. Also, you will admire some houses from outside, and special places like a flower shop and a modernist cosy café.

La Garriga – 2 hour tour, including lunch in an Art Nouveau restaurant:

In La Garriga, a thermal village with several hot springs, you will have a complete visit in two private homes. In both cases we will visit the interior of the houses, and in one of the cases its garden too. Also, you will have exclusive access to a garden of a very special building. Overall, this private itinerary is a very exclusive visit that will let us imagine how bourgeoise from Barcelona spent summer time more than a Century ago. Also, we will admire several Art Nouveau houses from outside.

In the same village, you will have lunch in a living-room of a Luxurious Art Nouveau building overlooking the botanical garden and enjoying its environment surrounded by charm and nature. Art Nouveau lovers will love the decoration of this place, composed of handmade stained glass, furniture by Gaspar Homar, Busquets or Majorel, to say some. As an alternative, you can also go to eat in the restaurant of a thermal hotel or the old village casino. They are not so “Art Nouveau” but food is also good there.

Chosen for their proximity to Barcelona, its landscape and the therapeutic interest, these two villages became very popular. Discover why in our Exclusive and Unique private tour, visiting private homes during the visit.

A perfect and different Art Nouveau Day for you and your group.

Duration: 8 hours
Departure time: 9.00
Please note: Maximum: 12 persons

The rise of Cardedeu and La Garriga

The current heritage and structure of the two villages are marked decisively for the summer months. The arrival of summerers represented a drastic change in the urban landscape of the municipality and also in the social landscape. The traces of urbanism and the architecture of these years are present in the whole villages.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the convergence of a series of natural values and occult circumstances turned these villages into one of the main focuses of a new social phenomenon: summer. The families of the bourgeoisie of Barcelona and other Catalan cities, enriched with the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, chose the region to escape during the summer months of the contaminated airspace of the metropolis and to compete in opulence with the construction of splendid towers in the villas of La Garriga and Cardedeu.

The city-garden urban movement was born in England of the nineteenth century as a hygienist reaction against the serious deterioration of living conditions as a result of the Industrial Revolution. A few decades later, the model served as an inspiration for the expansions that had to be projected in Cardedeu and La Garriga to respond to the demand for land to build summer houses for wealthy families. This was how the “torre” was born, a symbol of the second residence in Catalonia.

Art, architecture and nature come together in the summer architecture of the late nineteenth century and the first third of the twentieth century. Eclectic, Modernist and Noucentist buildings coexist in a nice landscape.

Raspall, the Art Nouveau architect of the area

Son of a man of Barcelona and a woman from La Garriga, Manuel Joaquim Raspall i Mayol (Barcelona, ​​1877 – La Garriga, 1937) was the municipal architect of the councils of La Garriga and Cardedeu, to which he devoted all his career. He is the author of more than 760 projects in three decades of activity, from houses and towers surrounded by gardens, to the civil architecture with parks, fountains and urban designs. Almost 60% of them disappeared under the excavators, most of them during the 1970s.
Raspall combined modernist elements and Viennese models, creating numerous variants of the house with four winds with terraces at different levels, vertical elements, such as the towers-lookout, ceramics and mosaic that provided colour and a special sensitivity to the forge with abundance of a “coup de fouet”, characteristic of modernist buildings.


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In each of the two stops of the tour, a local certified guide expert and in love with Art Nouveau. Our tours are 100% Art Nouveau which means we visit only Art Nouveau buildings (unless you have other request)

In La Garriga, while visiting one of the amazing modernista buildings, you will be offered a glass of cava (Catalan sparkling wine) as a courtesy.


Breakfast or drink in an Art Nouveau café – Cardedeu.

Lunch at Edelweiss restaurant – La Garriga.

Other food and drinks.


Transport with our chauffer with his Mercedes car/minivan to La Garriga and Cardedeu, and return to Barcelona. If you book the transport with us you will have, in return:

  • Pick-up and Drop-off in your hotel or accommodation in the Barcelona area.
  • Transport with our chauffer with his Mercedes car/minivan to Cardedeu and La Garriga, and return to Barcelona.
  • A stop may be done in beautiful village of Ametlla del Vallès if there is time.

If you require us, we can provide you with Airport pick-up and/or drop off (extra fee).

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