Pēkšēns, “National Romantic” in Riga – private tour about him available now


‘National Romantic’ is one of the four phases of Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia’s capital. The others were ‘Eclectic’, ‘Perpendicular’ and ‘Neo-Classical’.

It was particularly popular from 1905 until 1911, and reflected Latvia’s search for a national architectural style. As a result, many of these buildings include Latvian folkloric symbols and natural materials, and most architects in this style were ethnic Latvians. But despite the aim of the movement, its designs borrowed heavily from the Art Nouveau of Finland.

The use of dragons in Riga’s architecture was something favoured by the Latvian architect Pekšens.

The author of the article states that Riga could not have gained its reputation as the ‘Paris of the North’ without its cosmopolitan architectural backdrop. CLICK HERE to see the full article

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