Prague: Bílek, Mucha, Municipal House & more (7h)

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This  private tour is the most comprehensive private tour that Art Nouveau lovers can find in the city.

In 7 hours you will see both the main museums and facades that show Prague’s Secession past, a movement that peaked in Prague at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

When Art Nouveau was flourishing in a number of European capitals, a national version known as the Secession movement emerged in Prague using glass, ceramics, ironwork, and floral decorative motifs.

In Prague and in the Northern Bohemia  the influences of Secese style (Austria’s art nouveau) are noteworthy. It is like this because Prague belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. 

The Secession members wanted to create works that were not influenced by history, a genre not connected with academics.

In this complete tour you will appreciate the beauty of this style which marked significantly the architecture of Prague in the turn of 19th and 20th century.

If you have a passion for Art Nouveau and want to see all Prague has to offer, this tour is definitely for you.

Prices (VAT incl): Starting at 595€ for a single traveler and up to 690€ for a group of six. If you are more than 6 people Please Contact Us.

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During our comprehensive 7-hour Prague private tour we will show you the most impressive Art Nouveau buildings of the city.

This tour includes a private visit to the three most interesting Secession highlights of the Czech capital: Bílek Villa, Mucha Museum and the Municipal House and INCLUDES the entry fees to all these three places.

Besides visiting the most well-known examples of this architecture style and admiring breathtaking places, you will also have the unique opportunity to discover hidden gems, beauties of Prague that are hardly found in guide books.

Morning – Driving tour:

We will collect you from your hotel and will introduce you the lovely apartment buildings along the embankment of the river Vltava. Soon after you will head to Hannavsky Pavilion from which you will get a great view of the city and where you can stop for a cup of coffee.

Near this Pavilion we will also show you very unique villa/studio of a famous Czech sculptor Frantisek Bílek, who was a versatile artist and one of the most important Czech symbolists of the Art Nouveau period. On view in the permanent exhibition are the original studio facilities and a selection of Bílek’s works from his prime creative period – free-form sculptures, reliefs, drawings, graphics, furniture, ceramics.

Also we will visit the Vinohrady neighborhood with its exquisite Art Nouveau streets (nice buildings and the water tower), the hidden gem of the Main Train Station built in 1905 and also the exhibition pavilions from the end of the 19th century.

Our guide will walk with you along the Art Nouveau Čech Bridge. During the morning you will also do a private visit of Mucha’s Museum. Alfons Mucha, famous Czech painter, was one of the fathers of Art Nouveau style and became very famous in Paris in the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

Afternoon – Walking tour:

For lunch we will go to a restaurant inspired by Art Nouveau design. During the morning your guide will suggest you to book in a restaurant and you will have the possibility to book another restaurant if the one we suggest to you is not of your interest. Our guide will have lunch with you or, if you prefer, you will have some time alone with your selected group.

After eating, we will walk to Wenceslas Square where some excellent examples of Art Nouveau architecture can be seen, and then walk to the Jewish Quarter, which was totally rebuilt in the beginning of the 20th century and has authentic gems like the Jubilee Synagogue in Art Nouveau and Moorish Revival architecture. After we will walk along the street Na Prikope, which also has some beautiful buildings from this period.

Last, but not least, you will visit in a private tour the Municipal House, the real pearl of Art Nouveau in Prague. Built between 1905 and 1912 it is the most popular and representative building of the Art Nouveau period in Prague and has become a cultural center for the locals. We will be pleased to do a private tour to its interior which embraces charming salons and a concert hall.

After the private visit inside the Municipal House your guide will show you the restaurant and also the the rooms in the basement including the American Bar. You can have a relaxing drink there to end the day excursion.


Our tour can guide you in English, German, French, Russian or Spanish. Please select your desired language for the tour in the scroll below the calendar.

Pickup & Drop Off

The tour starts at you hotel. We will pick you up there with a modern car/minivan.
Drop off at the Municipal House, in the city center of Prague.

Things to Bring

Pending cost of the private tour price in cash or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Inclusions & Exclusions


Professional fully licensed guide and luxury car/minivan (Mercedes or BMW).

Entry fees for private tours charged by the museums:

  • Villa Bilek (5€ per person)
  • Mucha Museum. (20€ charged as fee for the private tour plus 10€ per person)
  • Municipal House (100€ for the whole group)

Visiting these museums will get you a fully understanding of the Art Nouveau movement in Prague.


Food and Drinks.

Additional Info

Airport pick-up and / or drop off (extra fee). 40€ for groups of 1-2 people and 50€ for groups of 3-6 people.

To book this tour please click on the calendar on the right.

Bílek Villa is closed on Mondays, that’s why we don’t do this tour on Mondays.

We will set up the route of the tour together at the beginning of the tour, depending on the location of your hotel as a starting point. Of course, if you have already seen any of the buildings we will skip those ones and add others, we are flexible.

About Art Nouveau architects in Prague

Rebelling against historicism, young architects stressed that a more modern type of architecture was necessary to express their artistic creations. They designed buildings boasting geometric shapes and incorporated decorative elements stemming from nature, such as leaves, animals or grapevine shoots. Three-dimensional snake and salamander forms also adorned structures. Art Nouveau facades were asymmetrical with flowing lines and plastic ornamentation of lime plaster.

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