Art Nouveau by the Sea near Barcelona city (9h)


During this Full Day private tour you will travel back to the beginning of the 20th Century and discover unique Art Nouveau buildings in the Mediterranean cost north of Barcelona. You will have exclusive access to buildings such as a Castle, the House-Museum of the great architect Lluís Domenech i Muntaner, the first construction by Gaudí (Nau Gaudí) and the “saló de plens” of the Mataró City Hall.

During the itinerary you will discover buildings with different purposes. Some were built for the town’s permanent inhabitants , others for people from Barcelona that used them as summer houses. Your guide will also show you buildings built for many other reasons, such as industrial, religious, leisure or political activism.

You will discover hidden gems of the Catalan Art Nouveau, important works of the three main architects of modernisme: Lluis Domènech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch and Antoni Gaudí.

Discover hidden gems of Catalan Art Nouveau booking this Exclusive and Unique private tour!

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Duration: 9 hours.

Departure time: 9am.

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During this Exclusive 9 hours tour you will visit Canet de Mar and Mataró, two towns which are authentic hidden gems of Art Nouveau in Catalonia.

Canet de Mar – 4 hour visit, including lunch in an Art Nouveau restaurant

  • Castell de Santa Florentina (1.5h) – The private and exclusive visit to this place is probably the highlight of this private tour in Canet de Mar – Located near the village, has become the main tourist attraction of the Maresme region. A fame that  intensified after the shoot of the season of “Games of Thrones“. The castle was built in medieval times but it experimented a last major reform at the end of 19th century, by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. It is very remarkable the work on stained glass and marble. During this visit you will be served a glass of cava as a courtesy.
  • House-Museum of Lluís Domènech i Montaner (1h) – This great architect, author of works such as Palau de la Música and Hospital de Sant Pau, both in Barcelona, had a residence in the village because his wife had born there. They spent a lot of time there and the architect had a studio that you will discover during the visit.
  • You will have lunch in Casa Roura, a great restaurant located in an Art Nouveau building built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner dating 1892. The Casa Roura is a splendid example from one of his most fruitful periods and shows a painstaking use of the decorative and applied arts.

Canet de Mar has other interesting Art Nouveau buildings like the Ateneu, Passeig de la Misericòrdia  or the industrial Art Nouveau building of Isidre Jover factory, but due to time constraints, the focus of the Canet de Mar tour will be done visiting the three buildings mentioned above.

Mataró – 2 hour visit, including the exclusive entry to two amazing buildings

Walking in the city you will discover the architecture for the summer houses in Mataró. You will have an exclusive access to the interior of two very interesting buildings:

  • Nau Gaudí (1878-1883) – The first building of Antoni Gaudí, that helped him to prepare for the Sagrada Família construction. Considered the starting point of Gaudí’s creative process, this cotton bleaching shed stands out for its importance in his experimentation with parabolic arches, used here by the architect as structural elements for the first time. This architectural solution would subsequently become a key element and a very representative feature of Gaudí’s work.
  • City Hall of Mataró (1893) – The roof of Sessions Hall was designed by Puig i Cadafalch, when that architect was the municipal architect of Mataró

All days except Sunday you will also visit the interior of a shop that has preserved an astonishing Art Nouveau interior decorations. Other exteriors visited in Mataró are the house of Puig i Cadafalch, the market, Casa Parera (1894) and Casa Coll i Regàs, amongst others. An amazing and very complete visit to Mataró.

After your visit of Mataró, if you choose to book the private tour with our transport partner, our chauffeur will bring you back to your hotel in Barcelona, or alternatively in another place of the city. He will suggest you a restaurant which is located in the burgeoise neighbourghood of Barcelona and a more central restaurant, both in Art Nouveau style.

Canet de Mar is located 47km north of Barcelona and Mataró half-way there.

During the full day tour you will discover buildings designed by Lluis Domènech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch and Antoni Gaudí, the three top Catalan Art Nouveau architects.

A perfect and different Art Nouveau Day for you and your group. Book with us and get inspired.

Canet de Mar and Mataró, two hidden treasures north of Barcelona

Canet de Mar – Its priceless Catalan Art Nouveau heritage, with key works by Puig i Cadafalch and Domènech i Montaner, is the main attraction of the town. Strolling along its watercourse and the streets of the Old Town reveals true treasures such as the summer holiday home of architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, today a museum. At the top of the watercourse stands the imposing castle of Santa Florentina, the gateway to the El Montnegre and El Corredor Park and, down by the sea, there are broad beaches of golden sand.

Mataró – Amongst other buildings, you will discover the first project from Antoni Gaudí (Nau Gaudí) and an amazing building interior (City Hall) by Puig i Cadafalch. The seaside town of Canet de Mar for centuries had alternated between an economy based on agriculture and fishing, enjoyed a period of wealth during the second half of the 19th century by converting itself into one of Catalonia’s leading producers of knitwear. As a result, the look of the town changed substantially and a new middle-class began constructing a variety of buildings that expressed the elaborate social structure in Canet de Mar at the time.


This tour will be held in English, French, Spanish or Catalan. Select language in the scroll below the calendar.


In each of the two stops of the tour, a local certified guide expert and in love with Art Nouveau.

Entry to all the buildings (castle, museum-house of Domènech i Montaner, Nau Gaudí, etc.).

Glass of cava in the castle of Santa Florentina.


Lunch at Casa Roura (you can find the MENU by clicking HERE) – Canet de Mar.

Other food and drinks.


Transport with our chauffer with his Mercedes car/minivan to Canet de Mar and Mataró, and return to Barcelona. A stop may be done in beautiful coastal village of Argentona if there is time.

Airport pick-up and / or drop off (extra fee).

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Pickup and Drop Off – Private tour starts and ends in front of your chosen hotel or accommodation in the Barcelona area.

If you choose not to book the transport with us, before the tour starts we will indicate the place to meet in Canet de Mar at 10am and the time to meet in Mataró around 2.30pm. Traveling on your own may result on a reduction of Art Nouveau buildings seen during the full day tour.

Our tour will take place, rain or shine.

The tours is private so there are not any other people in the group only those you travel with. Our tours are not just about sightseeing, they are a unique experience of meeting, learning, discovering and understanding local cultures and returning back home richer than when the journey started.

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Modernisme, Catalan Art Nouveau

Modernisme was a movement resulting of an apparent contradiction between tradition and modernity. During the decade of the 1890’s, architects and designers re-examined Catalonia’s own history and traditions reviving the past with medieval and archaic influences but at the same time affected by a society that also wanted to be modern and cosmopolitan.

After 1900 and until the 1920’s there was an added preference for the abstract sinuous forms of the European Art Nouveau. Catalan Art Nouveau continued right in to the 1920’s because Catalonia was not involved in the 1st World War.

Booking this private tour you will learn how rich burgeoise lived in coastal villages near Barcelona by visiting several outstanding constructions, both from outside and from inside. If you choose to book the private tour with our chauffer, he will pick you up with his Mercedes car/minivan and will bring you to two villages that are authentic hidden gems of Art Nouveau in Catalonia: Canet de Mar and Mataró.